Emergency Back Pain in Colchester

Sudden excruciating back pain? Is it preventing you from doing day-to-day activities? Let us provide you the relief and comfort once again where it matters most with Amfah Healthcare. A trusted and excellent way for back, spine and neck pain.

So why choose Amfah Healthcare?

As healthcare providers we ensure that any and all pain is treated and dealt with. We understand that pain can come on suddenly and can be debilitating when it comes to simple day-to-day events such as doing the washing or gardening. It can be a real challenge!

However, with our specialists, who are experts in the field, aim everyday to bring back the mobility and freedom that you once had. This is using our range of services from spinal injections, to our surgical procedures that come with outstanding rehabilitation and recovery schemes that are fast and effective.

Afmah Healthcare is trusted and distinguished when it comes to giving back mobility and freedom with our tailored and crafted treatment plans for your every need. We understand the importance of ensuring the procedures are at their optimum but rest assured with our in depth, comprehensive consultations we will identify the problem and get you on the road to recovery before you know it.

So what are you waiting for! Contact us for your consultation with one of our experts!

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