Mr Aziz Ahmad provides care for a full range of Spinal conditions including: Spinal degenerative conditions/ spinal stenosis Radiculopathy (arm/ leg pain) Spinal trauma/ tumours /infection Myelopathy Sacro-iliac joint arthropathy Coccydynia Microdiscectomy & spinal decompression surgery Spinal fusion procedures Cervical disc operations including disc fusion & replacement Minimally invasive spine surgery Vertebroplasty & Kyphoplasty Nerve root blocks/ epidural injections/ radiofrequency ablation He uses the latest minimally invasive techniques, including, microdiscectomy, total disc replacement, minimally invasive fusion surgery, kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty. He promotes early rehabilitation and rapid recovery for better surgical outcomes and, most of his patients go home the next day following their surgery.

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About Aziz Ahmad Spinal Surgeon

Mr. Aziz Ahmad is a highly accomplished consultant spinal surgeon based in Colchester, Essex UK. He has completed two spinal fellowships. Mr. Ahmad’s philosophy centres around conservative treatment as the initial approach, reserving surgery as a last resort.
His expertise lies in minimally invasive spine surgery, and his practice offers a comprehensive range of spinal treatments designed to manage back and neck pain effectively. He uses minimally invasive techniques such as microdiscectomy, total disc replacement, minimally invasive fusion surgery, kyphoplasty, and vertebroplasty. He strongly advocates for early rehabilitation and rapid recovery to enhance surgical outcomes, with the majority of his patients returning home the day after surgery.
Mr. Ahmad’s extensive training includes a spinal fellowship at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, followed by the prestigious Norman Capener Spinal Fellowship in Exeter, where he gained experience in minimally invasive spine and anterior lumbar surgery. He also completed a visiting fellowship in Munich, Germany, focusing on cutting-edge spinal surgery technology. He has visited renowned spinal centres of excellence, such as Stanmore in London and Copenhagen in Denmark, to gain exposure to the latest advancements in spinal navigation and robotics.
Mr. Ahmad keeps his knowledge up-to-date by participating in national and international courses and conferences. He has also trained at the prestigious IRCAD centre in Strasbourg, France, to refine his skills in minimally invasive surgery. Mr. Ahmad’s commitment to education extends to his role as an educational supervisor for junior doctors in the NHS and as faculty in various FRCS courses.
In addition to his clinical work, Mr. Ahmad serves as an editor for the UKITE exam, a vital assessment for all orthopaedic trainees, and has an extensive publication record in reputable peer-reviewed journals indexed in PubMed. He is also a reviewer for esteemed journals like the Global Spine Journal and the Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

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Nerve root block, facet joint injection, epidural injection under X ray guidance and sedation